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Synchron Steps up Services to Advisers

Sydney: 5 April 2011 – Melbourne-based licensee Synchron has stepped up its services to advisers with the launch of two initiatives: a mentoring program and Synchron TV, due to air next month.

Speaking at a press conference in Sydney today, Synchron Director, Don Trapnell, said the initiatives are designed to make it easier for Synchron advisers to do business.

"Everything we do as a licensee is focused on looking after our advisers and making it easier for them, in a compliant way, to succeed," Mr Trapnell said. "Our new mentoring program, which is part of our NextGen program, will help newer advisers connect and learn from our extraordinary older advisers and Synchron TV will help us communicate with our advisers - and their clients - in a way that is relevant to them."

Synchron Director John Prossor, who will be coordinating the Synchron Mentoring Programme, said Synchron advisers currently fit into one of three categories - experienced advisers nearing the end of their careers, advisers with mature practices running professional businesses and well-qualified young advisers still developing sales skills and business knowledge.

“Many of our experienced advisers possess untapped knowledge of the industry and excellent sales skills developed over many years, yet often have a lack of computer skills and minimal appreciation of the benefits of the internet,” Mr Prossor said. “We believe our mentoring program will help each party learn from the other.”

Synchron TV is the brain child of Michael Harrison, Synchron's newly appointed Independent Chair. It will sit as a link on the Synchron website and will have both closed content for advisers and public content.

"We looked around the industry and saw that material was being presented to advisers and the general public in very tired, old-fashioned ways," Mr Harrison said. "We believe that many people prefer to communicate visually today - not everyone wants to listen or read - and so the concept for Synchron TV was born."

Synchron TV's closed content will cover off things like adviser technical training, regulation updates, information on new products and the much-forgotten soft skills training.

"For a long time, the industry has been very focused on ensuring advisers are compliant and have the technical skills to do the job," Mr Harrison said. "While this is very important, it's also important that they develop the people skills they need to run a successful practice. We must ensure they balance the two sets of skills."

Mr Harrison said Synchron decided to also include content for the general public in order to educate consumers about how financial advice can help them.

"We will be airing case studies, based on actual examples, so that people can really understand what financial advice is all about, how it works and how it can improve their own personal situation," he said.

Mr Harrison has worked closely with Synchron since 2007 as Synchron’s business strategy and marketing consultant and has a long and distinguished career in financial services, spanning accountancy, retail sales, insurance and banking. Synchron TV will launch on 1 May 2011.

Synchron is now one of the largest non-institutionally owned licensees by adviser numbers in the country and the fastest growing.

Synchron appoints Harrison as chairman

Independently owned dealer group Synchron has appointed financial services strategist Michael Harrison as its independent chairman.

Mr Harrison has worked with the dealer group since 2007 providing advice on business strategy and marketing.

In 1997, he was given the task of reinventing Zurichʼs Australian life insurance business and in recent times has consulted to a number of financial services companies.

Synchron director Don Trapnell says while the group has achieved good growth with its adviser numbers, Mr Harrison can assist in meeting the challenge of attracting young advisers.

Queensland Floods

Many Australians have been devastated by the flooding in Queensland and Victoria. Our thoughts are with them.

Synchron has already contacted all Advisers in areas that have been impacted to see if any assistance is required, and we have supported the flood appeals in both States.

If you would like to support the flood appeals, please click on the links below:



Advisers and the Brave New World of iPad technology

Recently our director Don Trapnell wrote an article for IFA Magazine.

As the article states 'In the lead up to the Synchron NextGen conference last year, Synchron decided to make a significant investment: to give every attendee the latest Apple iPad. The first thing most people ask is why?

Read the whole article here.

IFA Magazine 22 November 2010


Synchron Investment and Insurance Solutions (Synchron), is now the third largest non-institutionally owned licensee by adviser numbers in Australia, according to IFA Magazine’s annual Top 100 Licensee Survey 2010 (the survey), and has the fastest growth rate in this category.

Results of the survey published late last year reveal Synchron grew its advisers by a very healthy 29% (38 advisers) in the survey year (1/7/2009-30/6/2010). In percentage terms, this makes Synchron not only the fastest growing non-institutional licensee, but also the third fastest overall, rubbing shoulders with big time players Bridges Financial Services which ranked second for growth in percentage terms and Macquarie Private Wealth which took the line honours.

The survey also reveals that Synchron has leapfrogged up the licensee ladder from position 33 in 2008 to now rank as the 25th largest licensee in the country.

“At Synchron we believe the adviser/licensee relationship is symbiotic: one cannot survive without the other,” Synchron director Don Trapnell says. “This means that as a licensee, we are as passionate and committed to the success of our advisers as they are. The results of the IFA survey clearly show that we are doing something right.”

Synchron is a risk-focused licensee which nurtures and supports its advisers by:
  • Being the only dealer group in Australia to pay its advisers daily
  • Offering a “NextGen” program to younger advisers, which offers education, soft skills training, coaching/mentoring and leads in a supportive culture
  • Encouraging and supporting soft skills training as well as technical/compliance training

In the interests of improving efficiencies for its advisers, Synchron recently gave all its NextGen conference attendees the latest Apple iPad.

“Going forward, we will continue to invest in our advisers and their practices by delivering the service and tools they need so that we can all continue to grow,” Mr Trapnell says. “We have the right staff, the right people in the right places doing the right jobs. Our state management team is a highly respected group of financial services professionals and our external contractors, Michael Harrison, Neil Mc Kay and 64 Media’s Julie Bennett are all committed to the task.”